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In what order should W3Schools expand?


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Hello. As many of you have realized many times, either by browsing the forum or by looking at all the tutorials, that there are many incomplete tutorials and/or references at W3Schools. This is completely normal and I don't blame W3Schools for that.The idea of this topic I have in mind is for you to say in what order would you like different additions on the site to be made. When the topic starts to get crowded, I expect W3Schools' staff to look at it, so they could know what they should concentrate on and adjust their priorities.The legend in my priorities I intend to use is as it follows:A new tutorialA big addition to existing tutorialShould be a small edition to an existing tutorialI advise you to use it in your posts as well, but you decide of course :) .And my priorities are of course in order of most important(for me) to least important:1. Addition to the XSLT tutorial about variables and attributes (already suggested to kaijim) and perhaps some detailed presentation of the document() function.2. .htacces tutorial.3. SVG tutorial expansion for animation, binding with XLink and other XML technologies, usage of JS to manipulate SVG, sample of SVG created from transforming XML with XSLT, completing the reference, etc.4. Completing the Schema reference and making some tutorial additions until the Schema tutorial becomes as detailed as the DTD one (well... there are some thing such as "entities" which aren't described in the Schema but are present for DTD).5. More detailed PHP tutorial with more useful examples.6. Cold Fusion tutorial.7. Completing the PHP reference with differences for PHP4 and PHP5.8. Adding an Opera and Safari compatability in the CSS reference.9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tutorial.10. Voice XML tutorial.I'll add more if I think of any. Even if what you want is listed here, write it in your priorities especially if they are in a different order :) .

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