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hi I have created a image gallery with a large panel at the top and various thumbs, when i mouseover a thumb it puts the img in the large area, whitch is what i want.my problem is if the thumb is down the page and out of veiw of the large area you are unable to see the img without manually scrolling up, is there a way of when i mouseover the page will automaticly scol to the top;anyone help pleasejnf555<script type="text/javascript">function showme(href){document.getElementById("specimen").src=href;return false;}</script><div class="largepicture"><img src="galleryword3.png" alt="galleryword3" width="660" height="489"id="specimen"class="off"></div><div class="thumb1 "><a href="Toco Toucan.jpg" onclick="return showme(this.href)" onmouseover="return showme(this.href)"><img src="Toco Toucan.jpg" alt="picture1" width="140" height="120" /></a><br/>autumn leaves</div>i have copied the script the main area and one of the thumbs

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