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Javascript Or Vb Script Guidance Needed


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Throwing this question out to those in the 'know'....I would like to write a script that will open an '.exe' file automatically on a daily basis (i.e. at 5pm EST) without me having to click on a button or open a window or file manually.Through research, I've found that there's a program called, AutoIt, that can handle that, but I learned that you can't edit the '.exe' file once the AutoIt.exe file is created. I need something that will allow me to make changes to the file without having to recreate a new file every time a change is needed.Which would be the best approach? since I've never attempted this type of coding before and the information I've found re: VB Script and Javascript seems to indicate that either way, I'd have to open a window/file or click on something for it to happen.Your help and guidance is greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance!

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