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Adding forum about additional computers languages.  

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Hello to all!!! :) I very excite from this website. this website really give me useful help with my web programming concerns by its forums.In addition, their great tutorials are very benefit me to do my primary steps at the web programming world.But, I think this is very alas that this forum center focus only at the web programming languages (such HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP and much more). Here this forum center can use itself to discuss about additional computers languages as assembler, C, C++, C#, JAVAVisualBasic and much more languages.I'm sure that there are here a lot of capable fellows who will be happy to help to other people who have problems with their programming missions.If I could, I was refering to this forum center admin, But when I tried it sometime ago about another matter, I observed that he even didn't read my request, so I found to correct to post this topic here.

You all are invited to response and to say what that you think about my suggestion.In addition, you can vote for my suggestion or against it.

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Specialization is a good thing; if you wanted a general programming forum you could go to Stack Overflow or someplace; however, you can come here knowing that the members of this board are all (well, theoretically) involved in web development, and therefore able to respond to your inquiries and discuss issues to a greater depth, and in more detail, than you would find in a more general arena. This board already has forums for the C-based .NET languages, the Java EE, VB, and other languages as they relate to web development - because that is what the people here do. There are many, many programming boards out there, and the W3Schools forums is successful because of the focus it has on the things it does well. Why be greedy?Besides that, this forum exists because of the main W3Schools site, which is a web development resource.

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