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Rollovers In Ie6 Look Different


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I have styled my navigation menu with rollover links that give a dropdown menu on my page here. If you look in any browser besides IE6, such as IE7, IE8, FireFox, Chrome, etc., the rollovers look how they should: the green button on the "off" state is replaced entirely by a white color, and the text color changes from white to green.regnav.jpgHowever, if you look in IE6, when you rollover the top button, only part of the text is given the rollover state.ie6nav.jpgAnd if you rollover the middle buttons, they are completely white and you cannot see the 1px gray border on the left and right.Is this a problem I can solve by tweaking my CSS, or will I have to rewrite my code in order for IE6 to play nice? Thank you for your help.

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