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I'm trying to tab text so it's not on top of a background image. I'll try my best to explain.This is for a blog and using a template. The background image is set to repeat-y. I have a class code for the title to have another image (horizontal) under. I want the two images to touch, like it flows together, but the text to be tabbed away from the vertical image. Like so:4149804393_bb650aa69c_o.jpgI'm able to move the the text by way of padding, but this also moves my title image

#content {float:left;width:651px;padding-left:49px;background:url(images/tronco.png) repeat-y left;}.title {color:#333;padding-bottom:5px;background:url("images/rama.png") no-repeat bottom left;}

This is what it currently looks like using the above. 4149822349_699fba7627_o.jpgBut I want to have some room between the text and vertical bar. If I use padding-left, it moves the image with the text, also tried using backgrou-position:-value. Any suggestions on how to tab the text without moving the image?

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