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Guest thelazytrumpeter

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Guest thelazytrumpeter

Hi,I have a problem which I can't seem to sort out at all. When I add an image to a website page which I am trying to create the page shifts about half a centimetre to the left.The page can't be getting wider, as the grey fading off sections on the left and the right are one image (which is around 800x1 pixel in size), so things such as the blue navigation bar would start to overlap the grey image if it was doing that.All the other (so far blank) pages on the website all stay in the same place. I just think it looks bad when you are browsing when the page shifts - especially if more pictures end up on further pages, and so every time you click onto a new page it shifts to a new area of the screen!Has anyone else had this problem before and know any way of resolving it?The site is: www.milnes.co.uk/mcsThe page which is shifting is the index.html page (www.milnes.co.uk/mcs/index.html)All the other pages (e.g. http://www.milnes.co.uk/mcs/ourservices.html are not moving).If I make the picture smaller (down to 150px x 110px) then it doesn't shift the page - only if it is bigger than that.Thanks for your help everyone!Matt

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