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Most Important Thing In Javascript To Learn?

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I'd first recommend all the programming basics: Variables, loops, commands, functions...Once you've learnt that, HTML DOM and XML DOM are probably the most widely used features that have been implemented in browser Javascript.

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Personally, i'd recommend EVERYTHING.I started out wonder what the heck was wrong with EVERY javascript i made until i double-read EVERYTHING...i went from <input type="button" value="Button" onclick="document.write('Hi');"/>to Full clocks with AM/PM/Midnight/Noon and 12/hr format!i'd personally recommend becoming fluent in HTML, learn the basics of CSS, then start javascript.one thing, dont forget the brackets :)

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Hey guys im learning JavaScript at the moment. Whats the most important thing I need to know?
If you already have some programming experience, JavaScript's event model... or to be more precise, the quirks with JavaScript event handling in different browsers... is probably the most important thing to learn. Even if you have programming experience, even if you've worked in an event-driven environment before, JavaScript is different in this regard. And you can't really do anything in JavaScript without events, except "do right now" scripts. And if you want that, you might as well learn PHP.And speaking of PHP, that's probably the better language to start programming with, as it can help you understand one vary basic concept in programming - input and output. Once you combine that with the mentioned basic language structures - loops, conditions, variables, etc. - you'll be able to do anything in basically any language.
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