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great tutorials, lousy annoying adverts

Guest columba

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As there appears to be no way to send an email to w3schools (I've tried support@, info@ and wembaster@, to no avail), I have joined this forum specifically so I can complain about their adverts.Firstly, I'd like to say I really appreciate the tutorials. They're very useful. But that ad at the top that keeps asking me to type in some text is getting on my nerves, to put it very politely. I know I can turn the volume down, but then I don't get to hear things I *do* want to hear. I have also complained to the company concerned who produced the ad.For all their stuff about accessibility, which is brilliant, their accountability is rubbish. Why is there no 'contact us' page?Thank you for listening. I wonder if w3schools will see this? .

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Hello columba.Sorry hear about your problems contacting us(we have removed all e-mail adresses on the page because of massive spam, the only mail-adress that is still on the page is on the "Helpers" page), but that is one of the reasons we decided to start this forum.Is the "SitePal" the only annoying ad?It has been fixed, so that it should not make a sound unless you put your mousepointer over it.Hope this is helpful.

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