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Fullsail And Other Schooling


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Some thoughts:If you are young and do not already have a college degree, Fullsail might be worth considering. The most important thing to look for in a for-profit school is accreditation, and they do have a recognized accreditation.Compared to a community college, where you can learn most of the same stuff, it is very expensive.I would contact the personnel offices of several web design firms and ask their feelings on the degree. They might not have heard of the school, so you'd have to describe exactly what you'd be coming out of it with, and how much they would value that. Be very precise about the number and kind of courses you would have taken, and the skills you would have mastered.Keep in mind that all the degrees in the world cannot make up for a sucky portfolio, while a good portfolio and a solid work history (in any field) can make a 2-year associates degree look very good indeed. Even better if you have a 4-year degree with a significant number of web-related courses. Employers in all fields just prefer a BA/BS.

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