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Input Current Date And Time In To The Database


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I have a hidden field in my insert form that will insert the date into my mysql database. I'm using a "varchar" field in the database if that is the right type to use, and I have this pice of code in the value of the hidden field

 <?php echo date("m/d/Y H:i:s") ?>

I'm trying to insert the current date and time of my computer into the database I get the right date but the time is off by five hours or so. So is the code right or do I need to change the code or use a DATE/TIME field in the database.

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Guest FirefoxRocks

Actually in PHP5 they recommend using date_default_timezone_set:

<?phpecho "Original Time: ". date("h:i:s")."\n";date_default_timezone_set("America/Rainy_River);echo "New Time: ". date("h:i:s")."\n";?>

In fact, lacking that statement when using any date or time functions will throw an E_NOTICE error, they are visible when all errors are displayed.

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