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How Can I Check For Availability And Errors?

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Hello,I have a website running Joomla and some people tell me that they get some errors like the 404, but until now I did not come across any errors. So I am wondering if there is a software that can check the availability of the website on fixed intervalsalso if possible is there a method to make sure that there are no errors while browsing the website (like the old HTML link checker)

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On IE7 and later, the error messages for HTTP errors and server unreachable look strikingly similar. Are you sure your users mean 404? They might mean server unreachable or 503 instead.If that is indeed the case, getting a new (more powerful) server and a new (speedier) ISP are the only real solutions.In the case of 503, this may be your host installing new extensions or updating other software (PHP, MySQL, etc.). You shoudn't be troubled if it only occurs from time to time.It sure can't be 404 though. Unless the file is dynamically generated, it can't be there at one point, and not be there at another.As for tools, you basically said the only one yourself - the HTML link checker. There is also Apache's Flood (bundled with Apache's HTTP server), but that tool can only stress test one URL, and it is still one computer. Most errors of this kind occur when multiple computers stress the server with multiple URLs, all at once.

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