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Javascript Slide Show / Slider


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I've looked through tons of Javascript "Galleries" and "Slide shows" and I still have yet to find exactly what I'm looking for.What I need is a slide show set up horizontally with a larger main image and off to the side click-able thumbnails.On click the main image would fade in the new picture.The other aspect would be the thumbnails slide away to reveal more thumbnails that are also click-able.and when a thumbnail hasn't been clicked on after so many seconds (like a slide show) the next picture would fade in the larger space.And if it's not too much for it to be written in jQuery.Does anyone know anything similar or how I would build one or add on to an existing one?Any & All help is appreciated! [:Something like this:16206330.jpg

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If you don't want the fade affect this should work:

src = IMAGE SRC;main = document.getElementById(MAIN THUMBNAIL);main.attributes.src = src;

If you want the fade affect maybe use opacity?

src = IMAGE SRC;main = document.getElementById(MAIN THUMBNAIL);for (i = 0;i > 0;i++) {main.styles.opacity = i;};main.attributes.src = src;

Been a while since I used JS but that should do the trick.

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