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Error Locating Files

Guest Keyzzani

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Guest Keyzzani

Hey all!I have a bit of a problem with Flash.Basically I am designing a website and I am using an UI Loader to load external pictures (I am using Flash CS4 by the way).Under UI Loader parameters, under source, I have the following path:

This image is the first in the gallery. I also have two buttons (back, next) which are navigating through the files using action script.Anyway, here is the problem, when I publish the Flash file to .swf and .html and open the site in web browser, I get the following error:
Error #2044: Unhandled ioError:. text=Error #2035: URL Not Found. URL: /images/gallery_01.png
First image in the UI Loader fails to load. HOWEVER; when I click next and back buttons, my images load perfectly fine (even when I go back to first image it loads just fine).I am not sure what the problem is... Would appreciate if anyone has a possible solution?Thanks! Edited by Keyzzani
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