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Java Replace Method

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How do I make functionalArea case insensitive, so that the following code will replace any variation of the world "java" whether its "JAVA, java, Java, jAva" etc? Or do I need a completely different approach?

String functionalArea = "Java";String skillset = "This is some really long string that will contain the word Java in it. Or it could be java.";String foundSkill = "<span style='color:red;'>"+functionalArea+"</span>";skillset = skillset.replace(functionalArea, foundSkill);

Any help would be appreciated. I'm a Java newb. =)

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Not to familiar with jsp but if you want to do that you may have to use a combination of regular expressions with conditional statements.This is a 1000 times easier with php as there are built in functions for this. I think the String API may have some methods to help you:String Api

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