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Complete Noob Question

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I have read the XSD tutorial :):( and I know how to create the different types of elements.How the ###### do I use this to interact with a database?I know that the Schema will validate the data and that's what I want (rather than having spurious rubbish all over the place), but are there elements I can use to connect to a database and submit data?I was planning to use ADO in an XSL file, but that's a lot of time and effort to do the same job that I believe an XSD file will be able to do.If anyone can help I will be eternally grateful - I'll be even more grateful if you could reply next week (where's the begging bowl smilie? you really should have one!! :) ).Thanks in advance,Dooberry.

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Thanks for the advice. So what you're saying is I would either need to write lots of script or download some kind of data mapping software to audit the data against the schema?Ok, here's a thought for the W3C, what about adding a data connection element to the Schema template?This would allow a developer to use the schema for validation of data and then submit the data to a database via the data connection element and reject invalid entries of data from the server.I'm sure that given the spare time, I could write enough script to do this in my xsl sheets, but I am writing a client based system rather than a server based one because it needs to be used offline and my resources are very limited (notepad!!).If anyone wants to help with this I would appreciate it a lot and I would be very interested in hearing peoples' thoughts. :) Thanks in advance for your interest.Dooberry.

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