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Flash And Php?

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So I'm planning on creating a new version of my site and I want it so that when someone clicks on an artists name, it loads a page (say_view_artist.php) and it will be passed an artist ID which will access a database and pull out all the info I want to display about that artist. What I would like to do in Flash is create a music player on the side of the page that would load songs based on that artist ID, probably by loading a bunch of songs out of folder on the server.Could anyone provide a pseudo-code outline of how something like that could happen?

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I think Flash can accept parameters by the object tag... or I think even the query string. So, by using PHP, you generate something like

<object ...><param name="Flashvars" value="id=10" /></object>

And from Flash... I don't know any ActionScript, but from the ActionScript reference, it appears, you can access those parameters with something like


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