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Select Last Time - Minute By Minute Data

Guest Hunter

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I have a table that has two columns: Time which is DATETIME and is date and minute by minute data. The second column is a dollar value.I want to write a query to grab the last dollar value for each given day. So if my values were:DATE DOLLAR 1/10/2010 4:01pm 13001/10/2010 4:02pm 12001/10/2010 4:03pm -65001/10/2010 4:04pm -50001/10/2010 4:05pm 2500 <---1/11/2011 3:05pm 40001/11/2011 3:06pm 50001/11/2011 3:07pm 10000 <---My query would return:1/10/2010 4:05pm 25001/11/2011 3:07pm 10000I think I need to query the dates first, and then look for those dollar values, but I have a very limited knowledge of SQL to even do that.Thank you for your help!

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