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Trying To Position A Non-unique <div> Inside Of A Table


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Hello all, I am working to completely rework a site's template that is using a base system that uses primarily tables. In addition to this, I cannot modify the source code of this base system, and so I need to write complete CSS to cover up / hide what the base system does.Anyway, one thing I am trying to do eludes me. This system uses tables heavily, and a lot of non-unique classes. One of these instances is what is giving me problem.The site has a table that serves as the header, and within this header has two specific rows with different information. The top row has a banner (the item I want to position) and the second row has other information unrelated to the header.The table has class="object banner banner1"directly followed by "div class="obj"The div contains the actual image or flash element that the banner is meant to display. Unfortunately, this div class is non-unique and is used throughout the site.I cannot move the entire table obviously, since the other row in the table is currently positioned in an adequate location. I cannot modify the table makeup either, in case you were thinking "Hey, just move the banner into the next table cell and problem solved!"So, my question is: is there any way to specifically style this div class so that I can position the image where I want it?Thanks

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