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Retrieving Full Filepath From Fileupload Object

Guest Anderson

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Guest Anderson

I'm creating a web app where the user will select multiple files to upload to an image database, but I only want the filename of the FileUpload Object to be transferred to the server (not the entire file as some of the files will be greater that 2GB in size).I have modified the MultiSelector from the-stickman.com so that instead of creating a list of files that are submitted to the server, I create a table with the FileUpload.value field in one column and a couple of Select objects that better qualify the image in two other columns.I am able to retrieve the data in each of the fields and pass them to the servlet but the FileUpload.value field only contains the filename (it doesn't include the pathname to the file).Is there anyway to get this out of the FileUpload Object?As far as I can tell, the MultiSelector just passes the FileUpload.file field to the list that it creates, but it shows the entire filename with the pathname.Unfortunately, the computer that I am developing on is not connected to the Internet, so I am not able to easily display the code that I am using. I'm just looking to see if it is possible to get the full path name from the FileUpload Object.

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