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Aligning An Unordered List


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I have my webpage here: http://pjhdramaclub.zxq.net/. As you can see the list doesn't want to align center. My CSS code is here:index.css

body {	background-color:rgb(8,8,168);	margin:0px;	padding:0px;	height:100%;}#page {	background-color:rgb(200,200,200);	width:800px;	margin:0 auto;	height:100%;	text-align:center;}ul {	list-style-type:none;	margin:0px auto;	padding:0px;}a {	display:inline-block;	float:left;	font-family:Bookman Old Style,Sans-Serif;	font-size:12px;	font-weight:bold;	color:rgb(0,0,0);	text-decoration:none;	width:100px;}h1 {	font-family:Bookman Old Style,Sans-Serif;	font-size:42px;	font-weight:bold;	margin:0px 0px 35px 0px;}h2 {	font-family:Bookman Old Style,Sans-Serif;	font-size:28px;	font-weight:bold;	margin:2px;}h3 {	font-family:Bookman Old Style,Sans-Serif;	font-size:18px;	font-weight:bold;	margin:2px;}

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