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Wordpress + Dynamic Stuff

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I'm asking myself if I require Wordpress for the project I have in mind. This website will have about 5 pages and maybe a blog I'm not sure (forget about the blog for now). Here are the questions I am asking myself:

  • How easy is it to code dynamic stuff (php) in WP?
  • Is it possible to add an extra item in the users control panel to display my own content?
  • Can I change the navigation display (blog stuff) depending on the page?

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I suppose it depend on what aspects of WP you need to use. If its only 5 pages then it would be easy enough to code without using WP. Changing any of the aspects of another piece of code like WP can be more time consuming than creating from scratch, once you start running into problems it can take a lot longer to locate the issue than on code you have written yourself.

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Wordpress is built on php, and it accepts php code just like normal documents. When you open up the code, the way most people do not, you'll see that all the little widgets and whatnot are calls to php library functions. I found that my knowledge of php helped me understand wordpress pretty easily, and I have embedded a lot of extra php into my wordpress files. Easy as pie.

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