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Swf (flash) Upload


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Hallow,What should I do in this code that I could upload flash fils.Which Extention I need to add to this code:

<?php//define a maxim size for the uploaded imagesdefine ("MAX_SIZE","1000");// define the width and height for the thumbnail// note that theese dimmensions are considered the maximum dimmension and are not fixed,// because we have to keep the image ratio intact or it will be deformeddefine ("WIDTH","660");define ("HEIGHT","40");//define ("WIDTH2","300");//define ("HEIGHT2","300");define ("GALLERY_FOLDER","../gallery");// this is the function that will create the thumbnail image from the uploaded image// the resize will be done considering the width and height defined, but without deforming the imagefunction make_thumb($img_name,$filename,$new_w,$new_h){//get image extension.$ext=getExtension($img_name);//creates the new image using the appropriate function from gd libraryif(!strcmp("jpg",$ext) || !strcmp("jpeg",$ext))$src_img=imagecreatefromjpeg($img_name);if(!strcmp("png",$ext))$src_img=imagecreatefrompng($img_name);//gets the dimmensions of the image$old_x=imageSX($src_img);$old_y=imageSY($src_img);// next we will calculate the new dimmensions for the thumbnail image// the next steps will be taken:// 1. calculate the ratio by dividing the old dimmensions with the new ones// 2. if the ratio for the width is higher, the width will remain the one define in WIDTH variable// and the height will be calculated so the image ratio will not change// 3. otherwise we will use the height ratio for the image// as a result, only one of the dimmensions will be from the fixed ones$ratio1=$old_x/$new_w;$ratio2=$old_y/$new_h;if($ratio1>$ratio2) {$thumb_w=$new_w;$thumb_h=$old_y/$ratio1;}else {$thumb_h=$new_h;$thumb_w=$old_x/$ratio2;}// we create a new image with the new dimmensions$dst_img=ImageCreateTrueColor($thumb_w,$thumb_h);// resize the big image to the new created oneimagecopyresampled($dst_img,$src_img,0,0,0,0,$thumb_w,$thumb_h,$old_x,$old_y);// output the created image to the file. Now we will have the thumbnail into the file named by $filenameif(!strcmp("png",$ext))imagepng($dst_img,$filename);elseimagejpeg($dst_img,$filename);//destroys source and destination images.imagedestroy($dst_img);imagedestroy($src_img);}// This function reads the extension of the file.// It is used to determine if the file is an image by checking the extension.function getExtension($str) {  return array_pop(explode('.', $str));}// This variable is used as a flag. The value is initialized with 0 (meaning no error found)//and it will be changed to 1 if an errro occures. If the error occures the file will not be uploaded.$errors=0;// checks if the form has been submittedif(isset($_POST['Submit'])){//reads the name of the file the user submitted for uploading$image=$_FILES['image']['name'];// if it is not emptyif ($image){// get the original name of the file from the clients machine$filename = stripslashes($_FILES['image']['name']);// get the extension of the file in a lower case format$extension = getExtension($filename);$extension = strtolower($extension);// if it is not a known extension, we will suppose it is an error, print an error message//and will not upload the file, otherwise we continueif (($extension != "jpg") && ($extension != "jpeg") && ($extension != "png") && ($extension != "gif")){echo '<h1>Unknown extension!</h1>';$errors=1;}else{// get the size of the image in bytes// $_FILES[\'image\'][\'tmp_name\'] is the temporary filename of the file in which the uploaded file was stored on the server$size=getimagesize($_FILES['image']['tmp_name']);$sizekb=filesize($_FILES['image']['tmp_name']);//compare the size with the maxim size we defined and print error if biggerif ($sizekb > MAX_SIZE*1024){echo '<h1>You have exceeded the size limit!</h1>';$errors=1;}//we will give an unique name, for example the time in unix time format$image_name=time().'.'.$extension;//the new name will be containing the full path where will be stored (images folder)$newname=GALLERY_FOLDER."/original/".$image_name;$copied = copy($_FILES['image']['tmp_name'], $newname);//we verify if the image has been uploaded, and print error insteadif (!$copied){echo '<h1>Copy UN-successfull!</h1>';$errors=1;}else{// the new thumbnail image will be placed in images/thumbs/ folder$thumb_name=GALLERY_FOLDER.'/small_thumbs/'.$image_name;//$thumb_name2=GALLERY_FOLDER.'/big_thumbs/'.$image_name;// call the function that will create the thumbnail. The function will get as parameters//the image name, the thumbnail name and the width and height desired for the thumbnail$thumb=make_thumb($newname,$thumb_name,WIDTH,HEIGHT);$thumb2=make_thumb($newname,$thumb_name2,WIDTH2,HEIGHT2);}} }}//If no errors registred, print the success message and show the thumbnail image createdif(isset($_POST['Submit']) && !$errors){//echo "<h1>Thumbnail created Successfully!</h1>";//echo '<img src="'.$thumb_name.'">';// DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB // DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB DB /*unlink('images/small_thumbs/'.$image_from_db);unlink('images/big_thumbs/'.$image_from_db);unlink('images/original/'.$image_from_db);*/	$url = $_POST['url'];	update_new_ban($image_name, $url, $type);	header('Location:update_banners.php?type='.$type.'');}?> <!--next comes the form, you must set the enctype to "multipart/frm-data" and use an input type "file" --> <form name="newad" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"  action=""> <table> 	<tr><td><input type="file" name="image"></td></tr>	<tr><td><input type="text" name="url" /> : URL</td></tr> 	<tr><td><input name="Submit" type="submit" value="Upload image"></td></tr> </table>	 </form>

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