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Part Of .xml File Displaying Over Flash Movie

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Hi Synook, thanks for your post.I can't get into .swf file because it's locked by the developer. This Flash movie did work fine from my desktop, it was only when I uploaded to the server that the red text showed up. Some if that that text is from the .xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!--	flShow Carousel 2.0 configuration file	Please visit [url="http://www.flshow.net/"]http://www.flshow.net/[/url] for more info--><slide_show>	<options><debug>true</debug> 		<background>#000000</background>	<interaction>	<speed>10</speed> </interaction><far_photos>	<size>100%</size>	<amount>100%</amount></far_photos></options><photo>images/BR_BurntFace.gif</photo><photo>images/BR_GunMan.gif</photo><photo>images/BR_Poster.gif</photo><photo>images/BR_ScarFace.gif</photo><photo>images/TheVault_1.gif</photo><photo>images/TheVault_4.gif</photo></slide_show>

Could it be that the .swf is old and not supported anymore? If so, I'll have to find another customisable flash movie that does something similar, have you seen any good ones around?Thanks for your help, Parg.

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