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Background In Safari And Font-size In Opera


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My latest tweaking has revealed a couple of annoying bits of strange behaviour in Safari and Opera.The page in question is here.Background problem in SafariThe background image is quite large dimensions-wise. I wanted it to be oversized to minimise the situations involving an insightly image edge appearing. However, Safari seems to automatically resize the image so it fits in the window. This is particularly annoying since the aspect ratio of the image means it's not tall enough to encompass the entire content. Is there a property I can use to switch off this behaviour in Safari? Of course I could just get a different sized image, but I would be nice if I didn't have to do that just for this one problem. Note I have only tried Opera on the iPhone. I haven't seen if it is doing this on the Mac Safari.Font-size problem in OperaIf you take a look at the XHTML button at the bottom in Opera, you'll see some white text. This text is supposed to have a font-size of 1 px so it can't be seen. The idea is that if the CSS can't be found and the page renders by browser defaults, the button is replaced by the text. Why is Opera not obeying my instructions? I now think that this fail safe trick is probably quite unecessary so I may just get rid of it, but I would like to figure out why Opera is misbehaving.

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