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Get Only Direct Children


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I have a list that looks like so:

		<ul class="vertical">			<li class="right">Menu Item 1 >				<ul class="vertical-dsplay">					<li>Menu Item 1-1</li>					<li class="right">Menu Item 1-2 >						<ul class="horizontal-display">							<li>Menu Item 1-2-1</li>							<li>Menu Item 1-2-2</li>							<li>Menu Item 1-2-3</li>							<li>Menu Item 1-2-4</li>						</ul>					</li>					<li>Menu Item 1-3</li>				</ul>			</li>			<li class="right">Menu Item 2 >				<ul class="horizontal">					<li>Menu 2-1</li>					<li class="below">Menu 2-2 >						<ul class="vertical">							<li>Menu 2-2-1</li>							<li>Menu 2-2-2</li>							<li>Menu 2-2-3</li>						</ul>					</li>					<li>Menu 2-3</li>				</ul>			</li>			<li>Menu Item 3</li>		</ul>

And what I'm attempting to do is get all the direct li children from a given ul.For instance, I have a function written that is used like so: getItems([ul object]). When I use ul.getElementsByTagName("li"), I of course get all the li's, even the ones from the child ul's.I only want the li's that are direct descendants from a given ul. Is there a way to get just the direct li's, or to check the retrieved li's from the above mentioned method to check to ensure that the li is direct child?

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