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Positioning Vacuum


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I have a left aligned image on my website which I have moved 40px further left using relative positioning. I have text to the right of this image. My question is, how do I get my text to move to the right to take up the space that the image has vacated?here is the code...<p><img src="images/test2.jpg" align="left" class = "rightmargin" width="310px" style="position:relative;right:40px;top:-45px"><h4 class="para"><span class="init">T</span>he main issues that make the difference between success and failure for sales people are: -</h4></p><table class="list"><tr><td><ul><li>The <a class="intext" href="systems.php">systems</a> they follow, or don’t.</li><li><a class="intext" href="reporting.php">Reporting</a> for the future, or <a class="intext" href="reporting.php">reporting</a> for the sake of it.</li><li>The <a class="intext" href="marketing.php">tools and materials</a> they have, or haven’t.</li><li>Asking for <a class="intext" href="busdev.php">business</a>, or asking to go out of <a class="intext" href="busdev.php">business</a>.</li></ul></td></tr></table>

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