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Help With Function To Display Questions


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How would I call the showQuiz() function to display the questions in online exam. This showQuiz() I have in a .js filefunction showQuiz() { document.getElementById("quiztable").style.visibility="visible";}Here is the startClock() function that I am using. The document.write showQuiz() function is what I need the help on since I don't think that's ever right.function startClock() { document.write showQuiz(); var clockId = setInterval ("runClock()", 1000); }Here is part of the quiz form incase it helps!!!!<form id="quiz" name="quiz" action=""><div id="header"> <p><img src="oae.jpg" alt="Online Aptitude Exam" /> <span>Grunwald Testing, Inc.</span><br /> 1101 Science Drive<br /> Oakdale, CA 88191 </p></div><div id="intro"> <p>This is a timed quiz of intelligence and perception. Your final score will be based on the number of correct answers and the time required to submit those answers.</p> <p>To start the quiz, click the <b>Start Quiz</b> button below, which will reveal the first page of quiz questions and start the timer. When you have completed the questions, click the <b>Submit Answers</b> button on the quiz form.</p> <p id="buttons"> <input type="button" value="Start Quiz" onclick = "startClock()" /> <br /> <input name="quizclock" id="quizclock" value="0" /> </p></div><div id="questions"> <h1>Page 1: Pattern Recognition</h1> <table id="quiztable">

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