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Looks good!Here are some things that I would change though:-the main menu links are a little hard to see, I would put them on the blue area that is above them and of course change the colour so that they are visible on a blue background.-the content is a little hard to read, maybe put a little more space between the letters-the "Welcome" word seems out of place there, maybe it would be better if the first word from the text was Welcome and the text would start at the same level as the menu on the left. Same thing for the "testimonials" word, it seems useless there.I really like the colours, they are kind of warm (except for the ones on top) and thats a nice pick for a target audience formed by mostly women, although some more dynamic colours would be more encouraging for beginning fitness :) Good job!

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Looks great. I like the layout and the colors. I might like to see something nicer in the navigation, though.

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