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I am looking for some input for a simple site I have been asked to make.Basically, I am looking for a decent way to allow a user to edit the news text in one DIV on a site driven by PHP. I am not familiar with how this is usually done, should I just use a simple text box or is there something more elaborate someone could point me too?

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I'm a bit of a N00b when it comes to web design which is why i've joined this forum in the first place and infact I've been looking into a similar problem I have. But as a suggestion you could use a Blog uploaded to Feedburner then use an Rss feed to display it on the users webpage. Benifits are that it takes up very little space becaue the content is held at feedburner, the end user will find it easy to update and providing you add some css it should blend in with the site perfectly.on the flip side it wont aid SEO because the content is not held on the site and it requires relying on feeburner, it also takes about 30mins for the blog post to display on the users page.but perhaps its something you might want to concider if you havent already.

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