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Twitchy Onmouseover/onmouseout

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So this is largely an academic question since I don't have an immediate example to post (purged problematic code for the moment). I keep consistently running into an issue with rollover displays using the onmouseover and onmouseout events where I will want to display a menu item, controlled by content in a hidden <div> section, where it will erratically display the <div> content when the cursor is in position. Sometimes it displays correctly, sometimes it doesn't show up at all when the cursor is over the correct area (text or a form input box usually), and most often it will display the item for a second or two and then the <div> section disappears, despite not having moved the cursor since it appeared.Eventually I'll have a specific example to provide since I've got to address the problem eventually, I was just curious if anyone knew of any general reasons why this might happen. The functions I'm using are generally pretty basic to the tune of "onmouseover -> display id", and "onmouseout -> hide id"Something has to be making the code think I've moved out of the event area, but I have no idea why.

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