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set class of dynamically created layer???


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Ok ... I have been learning dhtml (js/html/css) for the past few days and what Im trying to do is create a layer that can be added to the page after it has been loaded (Currently I am only working with internet explorer)I had intended to use the <tag class="thisclass"> to format the style and <tag id="thisid"> to keep track of it through js

var winTH = document.createElement('div');winTH.id = "win_T_Holder" + dynWinCount;//winTH.class = "ThisClass"  -- returns error even although -//<div id="win_T_Holder0" class="thisClass"> is validhtml (forgive me if its not :-) )

so I guess my question is :- Is there any way to set class="thisClass" through javascript??btw this is my first post ever Go Easy;)Spider

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