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Hello,I'm pretty new to ASP and most of the code you will see in the attachments was by help of a friend. I will try to explain my problem clearly.Currently I'm building a website that has simple registration and log-in methods. The registration works great and when you finish to register (only if the user-name not already exists) a cookie will be created with the requested user-name and than the user will be redirected to homepage where he will be shown logged in. However, I could not figure out to to create the log-in not through the registration, but for users that are already registered and want to log-in in to the website. Here is that attachment that includes index.asp, login.asp and register.asp:http://chanchomien.brinkster.net/website.rarAnd here is the link for the live website:http://chanchomien.brinkster.net/Thanks for the helpers.

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