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Character Rendering - Overlaping Divs - Ff Vs. Ie


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Hello,I've been looking all over for a solution to my problem.Please look at these links:Firefox - http://www.unitour.cz/2010/img/firefox_OK.gifExplorer - http://www.unitour.cz/2010/img/explorer_NOT_OK.gifIts actually very simple, a <h2> with margin-bottom: 0px ...

h2 {	font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;	font-size: 35px;	font-weight: bold;	margin-right: 0px;	margin-bottom: 0px;	margin-left: 15px;	letter-spacing: -1px;	margin-top: 0px;}

... positioned right above a <div> with a negative margin-top: -8px

div#ldt {	background-color: #73CAD7;	margin-right: 0px;	margin-left: 0px;	margin-bottom: 0px;	margin-top: -8px;}

The only solution that kinda worked for me was using absolutely positioned divs with z-index. But the whole layout is somewhat problematic and with the use of absolutely positioned divs and more wrappers to achieve some floats and clears = it gets messy very quick.Please help, guys. If there is a simpler solutione to this problem, it would save my days.Thanks a lotiohen

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You can add this to the CSS of the h2 elements:
position: relative;z-index: 2;

It should work, though I haven't tested.

OOOOOH YEEEEAAAHHH (Macho-Man-style), thanks a bunch, man. That did it. Never thought of that approach. Very quick responce, great forum.Thanks againiohen
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