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Lightbox With Image Title And Description

Guest knijn

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Guest knijn

Hey there folks! Well, let me introduce myself first before i go all asking dumb questions on you guys. I'm Rutger from the netherlands (so please excuse me for my spelling and grammar, i'm a dyslectic also...). I'm a graphic and web designer and a web programmer in training (therefore the dumb questions).So, here go the dump questions:I'm working on my portfolio website and i want to use a variant of lightbox called shadowbox.I've got the whole thing working perfectly and so far it all works great, But!I've noticed that lightbox has no description field where you can add a description of the image, only a title that you can use as a description.I would like to mod the lightbox that i'm using now so that it has a description field because then i can add content and links an such.I made a mockup as an example so you can see what i mean:normal shadowbox:normal.jpgModded shadowbox:modded.jpgAnd then the other problem,i can't code javascript. So if there is anyone that would like to help me with this please help! I really want to learn this but i don't know how...Well, thats it i ques. I hope you guys understand this. If not, feel free to let met know!Rutger

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