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Javascript Command Line Not Working


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I have a search input box on my site that has the text 'Search Term' in the style 'font-style:italic; color:A4A4A4;'. When you click it, it's supposed to run a Javascript command that changes the style to normal and the font color to black. This doesn't work. The exact command:

<input type="text" id="query" name="query" value="Search Term" onclick="java script:if (this.value='Search Term') { this.value=''; this.style='color:#000000;'; } this.style='color:#000000;';" style="color:#A4A4A4; font-style:italic;" onfocus="java script: if (this.value='Search Term') { this.value=''; } this.style=''; " />

It makes it blank when you click it, but the style remains. Can someone help?

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