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Header Image Overlapping With Background Image


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(This could be an HTML issue, but it's CSS as far as I know).Hi there, I've been trying to place a banner image in my header, but it overlaps with the page background and creates unwanted "white space". Here is a screenshot for clarification:picture1vmn.pngNote how the white space around the "image" area blocks out the background gradient. How can I remove this white space and display only the image?Here is the code:HTML

<body><div id="wrap">	<div id="header">		<div id="header-inner">			<div id="search"></div>			<h1>Page Title</h1>		</div>


html {font-size:100.01%;height:101%;}body { 	height:100%;	font:62.5%/1.4 Arial,Tahoma,Geneva,Helvetica,sans-serif;	background: url(../images/backgrounds/bg_body.jpg) repeat-x top;	width:100%;	color:#333 	}#wrap {width:960px;margin:0 auto;}#header {	height:111px;	width:960px;	margin:0;	padding:0;}#header-inner {	background: #FFF url(../images/banner.jpg) no-repeat bottom center;	height: 54px;	width: 960px;	padding:10px;	white-space: nowrap;	z-index:-1}

"Banner.jpg" is 54x200px. However, in the webpage it displays on top of "bg_body.jpg" and creates white space around the image (which hides some of "bg_body.jpg"). Adding "white-space: nowrap;" fixed a part of the issue, but "banner.jpg" still creates additional "white space" throughout the width of "#headder-inner", not just around the image. Is there a way to fix this, apart from changing the actual image to accomodate "bg_body.jpg"?In other words, is there a way to display _only_ "banner.jpg" in the centre (well preferably just right of the <h1> tags, in between H1 and Search) of the header, without creating a huge block of white space?I hope that made sense, please ask if not.Thanks.

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