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Ever seen the movie War Games (1983). I am trying to recreate the initial hacking of Joshua.I have no problem making the letters show up. But in the movie, every letter that shows up on his screen follows with a beep sound.I am using a timeout of 150 so it is very quick. The beep sound would have to play each time a letter is shown.All the examples I found via google are not loading fast enough to play before the timeout finishes. It was just adding an <EMBED> statement to load the wav file.If this makes no sense please let me know.

var a=-5;var t;var r='';var wav='type.wav';function doTimer(){	document.getElementById('start').style.visibility = 'hidden';	  welcomeFalken();}function welcomeFalken(){	a=a+1;	if(a<=0)r='';	if(a==1)r='<div style="text-align:center"><br><br><br>NUMBERS FOR WHICH CARRIERS TONES WHERE DETECTED:<br><br><br>==> (311) 399-2364<br>       (311) 399-3582<br>       (311) 437-8739<br>       (311) 437-1083<br>       (311) 767-7385<br>       (311) 767-3395<br>       (311) 936-1493<br>       (311) 936-3923<br>       (311) 399-3582<br><br><br>Please Select a Number the press ENTER to begin dialing.';		.		.		.		.		.		.	document.getElementById('col1').innerHTML = r;	t=setTimeout("welcomeFalken()",150);}

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