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If this was your first post, I'd think you're here to do advertising :) ... Why are you promoting cPanel on the front page if you're using iPanel? Or is it that iPanel is a billing system, while having cPanel within it?Either way, bragging about cPanel on the front page is probably not a wise way to attract customers. You're just making them curious as to what cPanel is, at which point they may leave the site and never return. cPanel should be considered like a "feature" of your hosting plans, but not as something "key" to adverise (the same way you shouldn't put Apache or PHP at your front page...). I suggest you put out "Support" as a first feature.On your premium plans, instead of saying "First 2 Months Free!", I suggest you say just "2 Months Free!". People do their calculations differently. If you say "First...", you're forcing them to readjust their normal way of thinking, which can lead to them not buying. In fact, you actually forced me to think differently about the way I calculate. I normally calculate how many "normal" months is this worth, and then add to them until I reach the end of the year, seeing if it's as much as you say. Other people might instead think the way you do, and take the free months at the start, then... I guess divide the price by the remaining months and see if it's equal to the normal price?On the "Hosting" page, instead of promting people to select something from the tab, I suggest you let them compare all plans and/or let them compare several different plans they may be interested in (e.g. the first free and the first payed, or the last free, and second payed, etc.)The latest free plans seem unrealistic though... even if someone decided you pay you by posting in your forums, there are times when there may be no one to reply to... I for one wouldn't want to "burn" if this happens. I'd suggest you instead give people extra one time rewards as they post, e.g. 100MB more space (permanently) for every 100 posts without you having to warn them or anything. Or unlimited bandwidth for the next 6 months on every 1000 posts, etc.

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