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Is This A Good Book For Starting To Learn Html


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Hello everyone!W3schools is a great site and thanks to everyone for making this free resource available!Anyway, I was wondering if this book (http://www.amazon.com/HTML-CSS-Complete-Reference-Fifth/dp/0071496297) would be a good reference for learning HTML and CSS. It appears to be a great clarification for all of the discrepancies between HTML 5 and previous versions and CSS 3 and previous versions. The book flat-out mentioned (as I read some at a Barnes and Noble) that it has its emphasis on the reference portion of HTML versus the tutorial side.To me this appears to be better, as HTML, from what I've tried thus far, appears to be VERY straightforward as far as syntax and this therefore might make a great book.My real goal is to develop really simple but powerful ecommerce websites with a full-blown shopping cart and the like but I figured that I needed to start somewhere and this (HTML and CSS) looks like the place! :)

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