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www.bansheeboardwalk.comMy cousin and I made it. It took quite a few times getting everything right, because we were trying to deeply customize it. I never knew what the database did until we messed up several times, and I am thankful for one. We had troubles with the Cascading Styling Sheet. We changed the backround from white, to that misty gray right now as you can see. There was white still, even though we changed the "bgcolor". So we waited for hours pondering what it could be, until we figured out the original images that were made for the forum had the white around the edges! So my cousin editted those, and now it looks pretty decent. I think this website was my first experience with working on one, and it was pretty fun. I had no previous experiences, so it was either a hit or miss when messing with the CSS and HTML codes. I think after working with the site, I became enthusiastic about coding, and that is how I stumbled here actually. Well, the graphics mostly came from my cousin, so I don't deserve the credit for them, but I tried my best to place the buttons at the right places, and changing the colors. Well, tell me what you guys think! Thanks!

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