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Css Menu Code Off In Safari


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Any idea why this code is not coming through in Safari? Here is the site.Here is the CSS

#navVer	{	width: 210px;	padding: 10px 0;	float:left;	background: url(images/navscreen.gif) no-repeat  ;	height: 315px;	}	#navVer-1 {	list-style: none;	width: 205px;	padding: 12px 1px 0 2px;	height: 150px;}#navVer-1 ul{	list-style: none;	margin: 0px;	padding: 0px;}#navVer-1 a:link{	color: #333;	text-align:right;	height: 24px;	display:block;	text-decoration: none;	padding: 5px 25px  0;	}#navVer-1 a:hover{	color: #FFF;	background:url(images/roll.gif) ;	border-bottom:1px solid #fff;		}#navVer-1 a:active{	color: #999;}	

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