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Hi I am looking to cut back on the amount of files used on my site and am very fond of this idea but im not sure how to achieve it...I want a menu on the left and when somebody clicks a link I want specific content related to that link to display on the right.For example on the left is a list of sports and when somebody clicks for example Formula one in the menu on the left I want the latest Formula one headlines to show on the right and again if somebody click Football on the left I want the Formula one news to hide and the Football news to show.At the moment I am using tables to contain all the information.I wasnt sure if I should put this in here or the javascript forum as im not sure what is best used to achieve this.I really dont have a clue where to start I read all the examples and tutorials on main site but cant find anything that shows how to do this.Thanks in advance for any help.Edit,Its ok I found a perfect tutorial on how to achieve this.For anybody else with the same problem visit: hide/show tutorial

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