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Reloading Div In A Popup


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I'm trying to make a script that copies the content from a div to a new popup.For example:

<html><head><title>Test</title</head><body><div id="test"><p>Hello</p></div></body></html>

And this is the code I have atm:

function printTable(table) {	printPop = window.open('lol.php','Printversie','scrollbars=yes');	if (window.focus) printPop.focus();	code = document.getElementById(table).innerHTML;	printPop2 = printPop.document;	$(printPop2).ready(function(){		$(printPop2).$("#printContent").append(code);	});}

So I want that the popup (lol.php) will display something like this:


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Both alerts worked after I "cleaned" the code a bit.

function printTable(div) {	code = document.getElementById(div).innerHTML;	printpop = window.open('lol.php','Printversie','scrollbars=yes,height=200,width=200');	printpop2 = printpop.document;	if (window.focus) printpop.focus();	$(printpop2).ready(function(){		$("#printContent").append(code);	});}

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