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Guest jjbeyer37

Receivedtime and Senton time stamps I am reletively new to the the VB Script and I am looking to find a way to when forwarding or replying an email to overwrite the senton time stamp.Where I work we use the server exchange service and when all emails come thru, their sent date is from the last email sent. I want to be able to get the original sent data. I thought a good way to do this would be on a send event, over ride the send stamp on the forward or reply with the sendon stamp from the original email. When I tried doing this in a foward or reply email, the senton time stamp is not held from the original. So my thoughts on handling this would be to on send, to search the inbox for the corresponding email, grab that sent on time stamp and replace. Unless someone can think of a better way of doing this.Really would like any help that I can get. As I am struggling with getting the right syntax for all of this.I totally need some help. ThanksJason

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