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Php Ajax and MySQL Tutorial


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Hi,First of all I want to say that i'm a bit new to php but I remember some basic stuff from years ago.I went over the tutorial Ajax and MySQL tutorial and looked over the code and made my own database for it.TutorialNow I was just wondering can you recognize if somebody selects something from a database table instead of a dropdown box?I would like to show a database in a table to the user and have them be able to click on data from the first column and let them show some info.Movie1 Genre1 Website1Movie2 Genre2 Website2Movie3 Genre3 Website3In this example let them be able to click a movie and link them to a page containing the movie info, or show it below the table like in the tutorial.So basically my question is:Is it possible to know wich movie is being selected by the user if you were to put it in a table instead of a dropdown box?Greets,Legacy

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