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Picture appearing when link clicked : CSS rule ?

Guest abelliqueux

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Guest abelliqueux

Hi, I'm currently facing a small issue on my website. I've tried to validate my homepage with the w3 validator and keep having problems. Plus, my homepage doesn't work in opera because of the javascript I've been using. I'm not comfortable with english, so I think the simplest way to explain my problems are to check this page : http://www.toutcelanest.net/There are 4 pictures, which are also links. When clicked, those pictures fill a Javascript array with html contents ( <img> and <a> ). The problem is that the structure of the script leads me to put html contents in the heading ( between <head> tags ), which I'm not sure is "allowed"... The W3c validator keeps telling me there are errors in the page, although the script looks to work fine ( except in Opera...).Is there a way to replace this JS with CSS ? I've looked for some information, and tried some codes with the "display" and "visibility" properties, but I'm unsure how to use it, and have their state change when clicking a link...I'm aware that what I say is very confused, but again my english is poor...To cut a long story short, I would like to have a picture appearing when clicking on a link, with CSS rules. Is that possible ?Thank you for your time, and answers. I appreciate in advance.ABelliqueux

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