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Embed XQuery Code in html


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Today, you can't. You can embed HTML in an XQuery document, but not XQuery in an HTML document.It may sound like there's no difference, but there is - you need an XQuery processor, not an HTML user agent. The XQuery processor then needs to do its thing, and maybe output some HTML. It is that resulting HTML that you can then give to browsers or other user agents.What XQuery processor you'd use depends on your working environment. On the browser, no one has native support for it, and AFAIK, there aren't plug-ins that let you do that either. If you use a .NET language or JAVA, there's SAXON and AltovaXML. For PHP, there's Zorba.[edit]I now saw Zorba also has a browser plug-in for IE and Firefox... maybe that's what you need to embed XQuery in HTML. This of course requires your users to install the plug-ins. Personally, I wouldn't install that plug-in, unless maybe it was packed with a lot of other features (XSLT 2.0 for example).[/edit]

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