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upload swf file my space


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http://www.ehow.com/how_2050722_insert-swf...es-myspace.htmlthis link says how to upload an swf to a my space account.it says to upload a file from my computer. i just thought this cant be the same as uploading from my desktopim unsure though C:foldername/fileName.swf above must be incorrect please any help
Any path that starts with a letter is local, or on your computer, and should not be able to be seen on the internet. That's why Step 3 tells you to upload the file to a host site, as that site gives you a path to your .swf that you can use to put your .swf on the internet, specifically, Myspace.Once your file is uploaded look for a box or an option or something else along the lines of "Direct Link" and copy the web address provided. Then, go through the rest of the steps in the link you gave here.Lemme know if you've got any questions,- K Edited by Coaxsist
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