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Flash vs SVG


Which one you think is better and why?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one you think is better and why?

    • Flash
    • SVG
    • Neither
    • No vector graphics and animations for me, thank you

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I think the question of the Poll is clear enough. Which one of the two vector graphic animations you prefer and why?I personally like SVG for quite a few reasons:1. Support is no longer something to compare. Adobe SVG viewer helps IE6 and Firefox and it could be installed on Opera. Opera 9 and Firefox have some native support for it too.2. It's text based, meaning there's not a "must" for a single commercial editor to stick with.3. It could be binded with XML data, making it very flexible.4. A lot of phones are actually now supporting SVG Tiny, though they are not as cheap and popular yet. Still: using the same thing for both Phones and computer screens sounds attractive.5. No need to learn additional language for scripting. JavaScript could be used inside SVG to give it all requred functionality which can't be delivered directly by SVG.

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Come on people!!! Doesn't anyone have some kind of opinion about this, or is it just my bad luck with creating new topics :) ?!?!

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